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The Wabash Pastoral Leadership Program affirms the high calling of early career Indiana pastors by forming two-year peer learning cohorts anchored in rich dialogue with civic leaders.

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WPLP Participants—past and present—embody a rich depth of knowledge and experience. Here, we’ve gathered their reflections on some of the pressing social issues covered during campus sessions, the changes they are facilitating within their communities, and their experiences in the program.

My own engagement in the local community has shifted substantially during my participation in the WPLP. My children know their way around city hall as they’ve been dragged to a wide variety of Human Rights Commission, City Council, etc. meetings.  I’ve made phone calls and sent notes of encouragement to the Police Chief, Mayor, etc, which would never have happened before.  I’ve said to my congregation again and again –the WPLP has put me in the presence of so many folks I don’t naturally feel the “right” to interact with, and it’s emboldened me!

Erica Gibson Even, Valparaiso, Indiana

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