Application Process

Each cohort of pastors is selected through a competitive application process that is open from January through April every other year. The next application period will begin in January 2020 for the 2021-2022 cohort.

Nominations for outstanding pastors are accepted perpetually but are not a requirement for application.

The online application form requests education and ministry history and seven to nine 500-word essay questions, as well as an opportunity to upload a resume or CV. In addition to the completed online application form, three letters of recommendation are required by the submission deadline:

  • One from a congregational leader (e.g., senior pastor, council president, board chair, moderator)
  • One from a regional leader in applicant’s communion or denomination (e.g., regional minister, district superintendent, synod or presbytery official, bishop)
  • One from a person with whom the applicant has worked closely in some capacity (e.g., seminary professor, senior minister, colleague, mentor, former employer, another lay leader)

Letters are submitted via email directly to the Wabash Pastoral Leadership Program. Download complete instructions and guidelines for writing a letter of recommendation.

Application materials are reviewed by a selection committee comprised of Lilly Endowment staff, program staff, previous program participants, and representatives of Wabash College.

Applicants are notified of their status for the upcoming cohort via postal mail in June.

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How to Engage Your Community's Leaders

The connections I have made with the other participants are priceless. This program not only strengthens and inspires my ministry but it has successfully solved the fundamental problem of loneliness in ministry. I believe the Wabash program creates a totally unique bond between ministers of different denominations and extremely different situations and backgrounds that is almost impossible to find anywhere else. The trust I feel and have with the other participants allows me to have conversations I thought were impossible. Where else would you see a Methodist, a Disciple of Christ, a Church of Christ and an Independent discuss the theology of a building, the role of women in ministry and the purpose of ministry for four hours without anyone getting angry and everyone still being honest?"

Amanda Meade, Jeffersonville, Indiana

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