Eligibility + Selection Criteria

We seek younger pastors (generally in their 30s to early 40s) with 5-10 years of experience in ministry who have developed some confidence, optimism, and security in a pastoral role, and who demonstrate high potential for the next two to three decades of Christian ministry.

The WPLP is open to pastors who:

  • Currently serve as a pastor of a Christian congregation in Indiana
  • Hold an M.Div degree from an accredited seminary (In some cases, pastors who do not hold an M.Div degree but have completed a graduate level degree in a related field are accepted into the program.)
  • Have approximately 5-10 years’ experience in ministry since graduation or ordination
  • Will not be enrolled in a Ph.D or other degree program, or other demanding continuing education program during the two years of the cohort.
  • Exhibit a deep curiosity around the challenges shaping their local communities
  • Are prepared to engage in thoughtful conversations with civic leaders during program sessions and in their own communities throughout the two years of the program
  • Please inquire of the Associate Director if you have questions about any of the above requirements.

Criteria for selection will include:

  • Vocational clarity and confidence
  • Theological acuity necessary to interpret the experience in the program and analyze results
  • Appropriate balance of confidence and ability
  • A healthy ego necessary for creativity, integrity, and humility
  • An ability to listen to and communicate with a diverse group of people from different social and theological backgrounds for the sake of the common good
  • A growing desire to explore the complexities surrounding issues facing Indiana communities
  • Readiness to think theologically about issues related to community well-being in Indiana.

We hope that the participants will share basic assumptions regarding pastoral collegiality across social and theological divides; the character of constructive engagement and dialogue; the value of pastoral congregational ministry; and the necessity of professional pastoral development. Pastors from all Christian traditions, including Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Pentecostal, and Independent are welcome to apply.

Pastors selected into the program will reflect a broad spectrum of Indiana pastors, with the selection committee taking into consideration regional, denominational, theological, racial, ethnic, and gender balance in each two-year cohort.

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How to Engage Your Community's Leaders

I now have a much broader view of my role as pastor that extends beyond the confines of our church to include the community and the world. I think the timing of this program in relation to the point at which I am in my career has also influenced this change as I come to better understand my own theological understandings about the nature of life in this broken world.

Brian Buschkill, Evansville, Indiana

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