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Financial Arrangements

Wabash College, with support from Lilly Endowment Inc., offers this prestigious leadership program without financial cost to the participating pastors or their congregations. A generous grant from Lilly Endowment covers all costs for participants’ lodging, meals, transportation, guest presenters, programming, and all books and materials related to the program.

In addition, each pastor will receive a stipend of $10,000 for full participation in sessions and study tours of the Wabash Pastoral Leadership Program, paid in $1000 installments after each campus session. Deductions will be made from these stipends for absences, partial participation, or neglecting to complete post-session and study tour evaluations and/or reflections.

Participants will also receive reimbursement for mileage expenses for each campus session.

Congregations of participating pastors are eligible to request reimbursement for pulpit supply and related mileage for pastors’ absences during study tours.

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