What is Expected of Participants
Participants are expected to make every effort to attend a one-day orientation (typically held the November prior to the beginning of the cohort), all ten campus sessions (2-3 days each), and both study tours (approximately 7 and 14 days) over the course of two years. All participants are required to arrive Monday by 3:00 p.m. and stay overnight at Wabash College for each campus session.

We recognize that real emergencies arise in congregations and families that create scheduling conflicts. Should those arise, we ask that participants discuss them with the Director or Associate Director. If conflicting plans or responsibilities regularly inhibit a pastor's full participation, the pastor may need to withdraw from the program.

  • Regular sessions of the program will occur on weekdays. Participants will need to be away from their congregations on three or four Sundays (total) during the two study tours. The Program will reimburse participants' congregations to cover pulpit supply and related mileage for those Sundays.
  • After every session and study tour, participants will be asked to complete an online evaluation within 10 days. Evaluations should take 40-60 minutes to complete.
  • Between sessions and prior to study tours, participants will be asked to read a book and/or articles supplied by the Program, and to be prepared to discuss the readings during the next session.
  • Prior to each session, participants will be encouraged to take a community leader out to lunch to discuss the upcoming topic and learn more about the needs and assets in the community. (For example, invite a hospital CEO, nurse, or physician prior to the Healthcare session, etc.) The Program will reimburse the participant for these lunches.
  • In year one of the program, participants will be assigned to a small group by geographic region and will be asked to visit one another to learn about each other's congregations and communities.
  • Participants will sign up to lead morning devotions for the group once or twice during their time in the program.