Previous Participants

Cohort Five participants in Khayelitsha Township, Cape Town, South Africa

Cohort Five (2017-2018)
Wade Apel
Kelley Dick
Timothy Graham
Mihee Kim-Kort
Earl D. Smith
William J. Smith, Jr.
James Voorman
Joel Weir
Christine Wulff

Cohort Four Participants and Director with Wabash College Dean Scott Feller and Wendy Feller at Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Cohort Four (2015-2016)
Joshua Burkholder
Brian Buschkill
Nichele Carter
Erica Gibson-Even
Shonda Nicole Gladden
Aaron Hobbs
Jenny Hulen
Aaron Jenkins
Ethan Maple
Andy Payton
Shellie Riggs Jordan
Fernando Rodriguez
Aaron Stamper
Mark Thompson
Chris Wadelton

Cohort Three Participants with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Cape Town, SA

Cohort Three (2013-2014)
Matthew Cowden
Clarinda Crawford
Stacee Fischer Gehring
Joel Gentz
Monica Gould
David Hampton
Jerry Ingalls
Daniel Lepley
Bill McLean
Jill Moffet Howard
Tracy Paschke-Johannes
Whitney Rice
Jen Stuelpe Gibbs
Matthew Stultz
Michael Wren
Kathleen Wright

Cohort Two Participants and Directors on Signal Hill in Cape Town, South Africa

Cohort Two (2011-2012)
Eric Augenstein
Thomas Bartley
Melissa Bennett
Ryan Berryhill
Jeffrey Bower
Kevin Bowers
David Brown
Rebecca Craver
Carey Grady
Wesley Kendall
Timothy Knauff
Libby Davis Manning
Michael Mathews
David Neuen
Jason Nicholls
Tom Ream
Brent Wright

Cohort One Participants, Directors, and Lilly Endowment Staff on the International Study Tour in India

Cohort One (2009-2010)
Lori Bievenour
Grace Burton-Edwards
Christopher Cox, Patricia Efiom
Kent Ellett
Aaron Elliott
Rex Espiritu
Mark Havel
Shalimar Holderly
Dennis Laffoon
Greg Lee
Frank Mansell
Lisa Schubert-Nowling
Jennifer Steele-Lantis
Amanda Wagoner-Meade
Danny Walker
David Williamson
Nathan Day Wilson

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How to Engage Your Community's Leaders

The connections I have made with the other participants are priceless. This program not only strengthens and inspires my ministry but it has successfully solved the fundamental problem of loneliness in ministry. I believe the Wabash program creates a totally unique bond between ministers of different denominations and extremely different situations and backgrounds that is almost impossible to find anywhere else. The trust I feel and have with the other participants allows me to have conversations I thought were impossible. Where else would you see a Methodist, a Disciple of Christ, a Church of Christ and an Independent discuss the theology of a building, the role of women in ministry and the purpose of ministry for four hours without anyone getting angry and everyone still being honest?"

Amanda Meade, Jeffersonville, Indiana

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